Nope, it is not only better salaries.

  • The cybersecurity job market is expected to grow more than a whopping $170 billion until 2020. It is not only one of the fastest growing employment segments in IT, but also comes with lots of 6 figure salaries and job security.
  • According to non-profit information security group ISACA, there will be a global shortage of 2 million cyber security professional by 2019.
  • And yes, when it comes to salary, cyber security specialists make$6,500 more than their IT peers, according to a Job Market Intelligence report.

Experts predict there will be a global shortage of 2 million cyber security professionals by 2019.

There are various reasons behind the popularity of cyber security as a profession. Some of the major ones:

  • Cyber attacks are increasing. They are happening each and every day, and the cost (both direct financial costs and reputation etc.) increases dramatically.
  • Everything is digital nowadays. When a cyber attack occurs, the potential damage after a cyber incident could be devastating for a company. High-level managers are more aware of such risks.
  • Crisis management, vulnerability assessment, digital forensics and investigative activities are also on the rise, Regulations and other mandatory governance issues are driving this factor.

What are the advantages of a cyber security career?

There are lots of things why a cyber security profession would suit you well, depending on your personality. There are also some common reasons why you can’t resist to take a place in this career opportunity.

Job Satisfaction

What you’ll do is important. Better yet, everyone knows it. Or eventually, will. Cyber security professionals may safeguard top secret government information to ward off cyber attacks which could potentially take down a country’s entire electronic systems. Since the cyber attacks are getting more and more frequent (Internet of Things is among many reasons behind this), it is not impossible to become a national cyber-hero one day.

Booming Career Field

As I’ve mentioned above, the demand for cyber security professionals is real. It is over 3 times the pace of the rest of the IT job market and 12 times the pace of the general job market. The situation is so dramatic that for every ten cyber security job ads that appear on careers site Indeed, only seven people even click on one of the ads, let alone apply.

This shortage will very likely to remain for years in the future. Needless to say, your efforts will pay off to land on your dream job in this market trends.

Financially Lucrative Field

As a natural consequence of skills shortage in the field, cyber security professionals are being paid very well. According to Cyber Seek, even entry level positions like incident responder or cyber crime analysts can make up to $84,000 per year. Mid-level positions like Penetration Tester & Vulnerability Assessment Analysts are getting paid around $100,000. And the top level positions like cyber security architects and managers make around $120,000, along with the other benefits, even stock options.

I’ve heard enough, where should I start?

To address this workforce crisis (and the job opportunities who wish to invest in this field); better training solutions and learning experiences are necessary. As Chris Young, senior vice president and general manager of Intel Security Group puts it; “we need to foster new education models, accelerate the availability of training opportunities

How can you get started or continue your career in Cybersecurity?

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