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Based in London and with offices in Silicon Valley and Tallinn; our mission at FeltSecure is to create a cyber-ready workforce through online training solutions that provide organizations and individuals the knowledge and skills required to defend their most critical assets.

Our seasoned experts in IT security industry not only deliver highly practical courses and one-to-one consultancy solutions but also aim to bridge the gap in worldwide skills shortage for the cyber security domain.


The main focus of our experts is to deliver success and achievement for your cyber security challenges.

Because it’s the progress that matters, not the movement.

Emin Caliskan

CEO & CoFounder

Emin brings to FeltSecure the knowledge and experience he gained in various organizations: In a major GSM company, a national research center, NATO CCD COE and Tallinn University of Technology.

Oguzhan Topgul

CTO & CoFounder

Oguzhan has years of cyber security experience in a national & scientific research center. He mainly focuses on Web & Mobile Security courses at FeltSecure.

Alperen Ozkan

Expert Trainer

Alperen spent eight years as a cybercrime investigator and certified cybercrime trainer in Turkish National Police, Department of Cyber Crimes. He has extensive experience in white hat hacking and fraud investigations.

His motto is: “Dreams are the shadows of the reality.”