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FeltSecure Training Labs

FeltSecure is an elite grade cyber security company which specializes in cyber security training and private consultancy services

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We create cyber-ready professionals through personalized training programs and private consultations. This enables individuals and organizations to improve practical skills to create a successful security posture against latest cyber threats.

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“I truly enjoyed this very informative course and will be one which I will continue to study.”

B. Y. Baguanamei

“This is a great course. I definitely recommend it to anyone trying to learning basic Kali-Linux commands and good pen testing practices … Thank you”

Baidy S.

“thanks really great course you are one of the best ….”

Haydar E.

“An excellent well delivered course. This was a great introduction to Nmap, Metasploit and meterpreter and helped me to get a better understanding of the basics of using these toolsand has given me a good grounding to do some more in depth testing of my own. The lectures are well presented and I found I didn’t need to ask any questions as things were pretty much straight forward.”

Steve C.

“This was an excellent course. I will recommend it to many of my colleagues!!!!!”

James W. W.

“Really like the instructor; he is clear and easy to listen to. I got used to the music – i think it may help me remember. I will definitely sign up for more!”

Teri S.

“Awesome course for beginners! Short and Sweet. Best place to start pentesting! Thank you very much ”

Pasan P.

“This is one of the best Ethical hacking course on Udemy for beginners and those who want to brush up their ethical hacking skills. I will be encouraging my students to take this course. Great Job!”

Stephen M.

“Great course, really helped me in learning the basics and basic tools hands on. Helped me in gaining confidence in using the tools on my own.”

Rajat G.


Co-founders Emin Caliskan and Oguzhan Topgul have more than 15+ years of technical experience in almost every sector; public organizations, private companies, international positions at NATO and graduate faculties of universities.

As a team of 5+ security professionals just like Emin and Oguzhan, FeltSecure provides e-learning courses and practical training services, along with the penetration testing and security auditing assistance services.

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